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California State Firefighters’ Association SECOND ANNUAL CSFA NOR CAL TRAINING ACADEMY January 24 - 28, 2024 Woodland, CA Get trained. Be prepared. CSFA 2024 Nor Cal Training Academy is presented with the cooperations of the following local agencies:

Welcome to CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Welcome to CSFA’s 2024 Nor Cal Training Academy On behalf of California State Firefighters’ Association I want to welcome you to the second annual CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy in Woodland. Our partners at Woodland, West Sacramento and Yoche Dehe Fire Departments have helped assemble a strong mix of handson and classroom classes designed to help strengthen firegound skills. In addition to classes please take some time after class to network with your fellow students and instructors. No matter what your expertise within the fire service, we trust that you will come away the Academy better prepared to meet the challenges of the profession. Stay safe. Marty Creel, CSFA Executive Director STEP 1 Register online for the CSFA Nor Cal Academy at VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS NO COST CSFA MEMBERS $200 NON-CSFA MEMBERS $300 STEP 2 IMPORTANT: AFTER registering online for the Academy CALL (800) 451-2732 ask for Frankie OR EMAIL her at [email protected] to select your classes and receive an email confirmation. MEAL INFORMATION: All Hands-on classes include lunch on site. Leadership: Why Firefighters Stay includes continental breakfast and lunch day one. NEED LODGING? CSFA has reserved a limited number of rooms at the Woodland Hampton Inn at a special Academy rate. For reservations call 530-662-9100 and ask for the California State Firefighters’ Two step registration instructions Opening keynote and networking reception Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Historic Woodland Opera House for a keynote address welcome reception. Keynote speaker Cody Trestrail, FDNY (ret.) and Portland FD (ret.). “Make The Grab: NOT Excuses” Performing searches should not be an afterthought, it should be regarded as our highest mission on the fireground. Our Oath is what makes us different, it separates us from the average citizen, it’s why we have the utmost trust from all of humanity, from generation to generation, it’s sacred and it must be kept above all things and at all cost. Without their trust we have no THEM to serve, we have NO Identity! We will take a deep dive into hard hitting truths that leave no room for excuses as we explore our mission and why we go inside! It’s about THEM, it always has been. The Mission: THEM, Me.

CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Classes “Irons Ready” – an interactive truck ops class Thursday, January 25 OR Friday, January 26 - 8am to 8pm AND Live Fire Day Saturday, January 27 8am to 8pm Location: Woodland Fire Department, Station 3, 1515 Springlake Court. Principal Instructor: Cody Trestrail and Brothers in Battle training cadre Class description: Many say they are the keys to the city, but this is only if you understand how to maximize the designed mechanical advantage, leverage and force of these tools. Once you do, you can problem solve and work through many common fireground forcible entry challenges and know when and how to change things up and think or work outside the box to get the job done. This class is all about Irons work and it’s so much more than access, it’s addressing the main paths of egress! Upon completion of this course firefighters will be able to dress and set up their tools for success, perform a rapid size up to identify and defeat multiple forcible entry challenges, perform initial interior size up, account for door control, effectively use commands to enhance communication, develop good striking techniques, and perform the appropriate standardized techniques while working alone or as part of a team. Seconds do count, we will be able to mask up quickly, make the force and make the grab, NOT EXCUSES! To effectively mitigate a high stress, unpredictable event, we must be able to communicate to all rescue members our intent and predict each other’s actions based on standardized training and techniques. SKILLS & TOPICS: We will be masking up, forcing doors and making grabs all day! ● 1 & 2 FF Inward opening doors ● 1 & 2 FF Outward opening doors ● Limited access / dead end hallways ● Bottom of the stairs ● Limited / Zero visibility forcible entry About the instructor: Cody started his Fire Service career in 1995 at a small combination department in WA State. He followed his dreams and was blessed to be hired by the FDNY, working on Ladder 119 in Brooklyn, then becoming a member of the special operations command (SOC), assigned to Squad 1 in Brooklyn. He left the FDNY to put his family first and went to work back in his home town for Portland Fire & Rescue where he was assigned to Engine 31 for the majority of his 15-year career there until he recently retired from the backstep.He is now serving his local community in Montana as an active volunteer with Corvallis Rural Fire District. He is the founder of the training group Brothers In Battle, LLC with whom he has taught both nationally and internationally and he also the founder of Firemanship Conference.He’s been happily married for over 23 years to his incredible wife Andrea and they have two beautiful daughters. ● Additional leverage / limited Tools ● *Wood Jamb / Baseball Bat swing technique, if necessary, prop available ● Dirty Drags ● Mask Up Skills

CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Classes “The Art of Stretching, Moving and Flowing” an interactive engine ops class Thursday, Jan. 25 OR Friday Jan. 26 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. AND Live Fire Day Saturday Jan. 27 8 .m. – 8 p.m. Location: West Sacramento Fire Department, 2040 Lake Washington Blvd. Instructors: Training cadre from SFM Engine Ops Class description: With an emphasis on the first line, this class focuses on the art of stretching, flowing, and moving a hoseline. A goal on every fire is for the first unit to arrive on scene and get a line to the seat of the fire as quickly and efficiently as possible. How we achieve that relies heavily on our ability to estimate the stretch, deploy the line, and manage it from point A to point B. In addition to advancing the line, students will also learn both the positive and negative effects an engine company can have on the fire, an introduction to stream selection, water mapping, air entrainment, and single person forcible entry. Students can look forward to a full day of discussion and hands-on, scenario-based training aimed at making your next stretch as efficient as possible. About the instructors: Rick Archuleta has been in the fire service for 10 years and currently works as a Firefighter for the City of Clovis Fire Department. He is a state certified instructor with a passion for engine company operations and fire behavior. Rick is a member of his agency’s multi company operations cadre, firefighter survival cadre, and recruit academy cadre. Since founding SFM Engine Ops in 2022, Rick has continued his dedication to being a student of the profession first, while spreading the importance of efficient engine work. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his number one priority, his family. JD Flint has been in the fire service since 2004. In 2011, he joined Metro Fire in Sacramento where he currently works as a Captain on Engine 21 in Citrus Heights, Ca. JD Flint is a state certified instructor, has held the position of Drill Master for one of Metro Fire’s Academies, drill instructor for many academies, teaches search to all new hires, and has been a burn cadre member since 2013. Ryan has 10 years on the job working for Cal Fire in Mendocino county riding on engines and helicopter 101. The last 6 years working as a firefighter for the city of Woodland. Currently assigned to Engine 3, Blue collar engine work has always been Ryan’s main focus. He is a passionate firefighter that loves learning and passing on as much as he can to others. Ryan recently had a daughter in 2021 that keeps him busy on his days off and got married to his beautiful wife in 2020. In their free time they love to be outside camping, hiking, fishing, or visiting a national park. Jeff Oliver has been in the fire service for 12 years and 7 of those years with Woodland Fire department. Currently Jeff is assigned to Woodland’s Truck 3 as a Captain. Jeff is a training officer for the West Valley Training Consortium which serves the various departments in Yolo County as well as an instructor with College of the Siskiyous. Jeff is a certified instructor in RIC/firefighter survival, and Driver Operator series. Jeff, his wife Ashlee, son Koven and daughter Remington live in Woodland where they are very active in various sports. Matt Rau has been in the fire service for 7 years and is currently a Firefighter with the City of Fresno Fire Department. He is heavily involved in his department’s training division where he teaches Engine Operations, Search, Forcible Entry, Live Fire, and Multi-Company Operations. Matt also serves as a skills evaluator for Fresno Fire’s rookie drill school.

CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Classes Fire Control 3 Structural Firefighting Friday Jan. 26 – Sunday, Jan. 28 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Location: Yocha Dehe FD training tower, 14170 Gold Course Dr., Brooks Principal Instructor: Alexander, Yocha Dehe FD and Dave Baldwin, Sacramento FD. Class description: The Fire Control 3: Structural Firefighting course provides the student the opportunity for learning the basics of fire dynamics, chemistry and physics, structural fire behavior, structural fire attack tactics, and providing the knowledge and the opportunity for demonstrating their skills in locating, controlling, and extinguishing an interior structure fire. This course also provides future instructors an opportunity for learning the knowledge and demonstrating the skills for instructing fire fighters in these same fireground skills. Requirements: Students must bring SCBA, bottle, full structure gear and proof of passing a fit test in the last year.

CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Classes Live Fire Day Saturday, Jan. 27 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Location: West Sacramento FD, training tower. Instructors: Training cadre from SFM Engine Ops and Brothers in Battle Class description: Feel the heat and fight the fire. Live fire evolutions based on the strategies and tactics presented during the “Irons Ready” and “The Art of Stretching, Moving and Flowing” courses offered earlier in the academy. These two courses are prerequisites to participate in the Live Fire Day training: “Irons Ready” and “The Art of Stretching, Moving and Flowing”.

CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Classes 10 Minute IC Thursday, Jan. 25 and Friday Jan. 26 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, 2060 Freeway Dr., Woodland. Instructor: Dan Perkins, Fire Chief Kingsburg Fire Department. Class description: 10 Minute IC is designed for the aspiring Company Officer, current Acting Company Officer or Firefighters that will be thrust into the Command seat with little or no official “Right Seat Time.” This two-day immersion training course will provide the student with the tools, techniques, mental pictures and case studies to assist them in making appropriate tactical decisions as well as formulating strategic thinking and applying the learned processes to ALL-Hazard emergency incidents within the first 10 minutes of arriving. This course is intended to be paired with an additional 2 day - Leadership training for the same target audience tying in how to create followership, leadership do’s and don’t’ s, personal assessments, coaching/ mentoring and more. About the instructor: Dan Perkins has 38 years of Fire and Emergency services experience. He has held positions in several California Fire Service agencies from volunteer, combination, full- paid, rural and metropolitan, He has held ranks of Firefighter/ Paramedic, Engineer, Captain, Hazmat Captain, Training Captain, CAUSAR RTF V member, Battalion Chief, and Fire Chief. In 2017, Dan retired from The Fresno City Fire Department as a Battalion Chief after nearly 20 years. In 2019, Dan became the Fire Chief for the City of Kingsburg, Ca. a fully paid transport ALS fire department. Dan Instructs in a multitude of disciplines from Instructor, Company Officer, Chief Officer, Executive Chief Officer, ICS, Leadership Driver Operator. He enjoys flipping homes, working with his wife in the garden and spending time camping and motorcycle riding with his 5 grandchildren.

CSFA Nor Cal Training Academy Classes Leadership: Why firefighters stay Saturday, Jan. 27 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 28 8 a.m. to Noon Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, 2060 Freeway Dr., Woodland Instructors: Jason Hosea, Assistant Chief Long Beach FD and Class description: The best way to strengthen your volunteer fire department and retain the best team is through excellent leadership. Learn the skills to help, recruit and retain the best people in your community. Learn to identify leadership styles and explore the traits of effective leaders. This highly interactive course explores the dynamics of leadership and what the current fire service demands. About the instructor: Jason Hosea, Assistant Chief of Operations for the Long Beach Fire Department, Chief Hosea currently oversees all field and special operations for the organization. Chief Hosea holds a Masters’s Degree from CSU Long Beach in Emergency Services Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Education from CSULB and an Associate’s Degrees in Fire Science. Chief Hosea is a Fire Technology Instructor at a local Community College, IAFC Instructor and serves on various Statewide fire service committees including the Chair of the CSFA Training and Education Committee.

Daily CSFA Nor Cal Academy Schedule WEDNESDAY, January 24, 2024 Room Time Session # Event/Session Instructor(s) Track Type Opera House 1pm to 5pm Registration Staff Opera House 1pm to 5pm Leadership Keynote Speaker Cody Trestrail All Opera House Break Break All TBD 6pm to 9pm Welcome Purchase tickets All Reception in advance THURSDAY, January 25, 2024 Room Time Session # Event/Session Instructor(s) Track Type TBD 7:30am to Packet Pickup Staff 4:30pm /Registration Host Hotel 8:00am to Leadership 10 Minute IC Daniel Perkins Leader- CSFA 5:00pm Day 1 of 2 ship cert Station 3 8:00am to HOT Engine class Cody Trestrail HOT CSFA 5:00pm & Brothers in Battle cert Station 3 8:00am to HOT Truck class SFM Engine Ops HOT CSFA 5:00pm training cadre cert 10:00am to BREAK 10:30am 12:00pm to Lunch 1:30pm Engage online with YOUR association Follow us on X at @CSFAFIRE and on Instagram at csfafire. Like The California State Firefighters’ Association on Facebook.

Daily CSFA Nor Cal Academy Schedule SATURDAY, January 27, 2024 Room Time Session # Event/Session Instructor(s) Track Type Station 3 8am to 4pm HOT Engine/Truck SFM Engine Ops Hands- CSFA Live Fire Day & Brothers in Battle on cert Training cadre Yocha Dehe 8am to 4pm HOT Fire Control 3 Norman Alexander Hands- SFT Day 2 of 3 David Baldwin on cert Hotel 8am to 4pm Leadership Why firefighters Jason Hosea Leader- CSFA stay Day 1 of 2 ship cert FRIDAY, January 26, 2024 Room Time Session # Event/Session Instructor(s) Track Type Hotel 7:00am to Admin Registration Area Staff 4:00pm Yocha Dehe 8:00am to HOT Fire Control 3: Norman Alexander Hands- SFT 4:00pm Structural Fire- David Baldwin on cert fighting (Live Fire) Day 1 of 3 Hotel 8:00am to Leadership 10 Minute IC Daniel Perkins Leader- CSFA 4:00pm Day 2of 2 ship cert Station 3 7:00am to HOT Engine class Cody Trestrail HOT CSFA 5:00pm & Brothers in Battle cert Station 3 7:00am to HOT Truck class SFM Engine Ops HOT CSFA 5:00pm training cadre cert 10:00am to BREAK Break 10:30am SUNDAY, January 28, 2024 Room Time Session # Event/Session Instructor(s) Track Type Yoche Dehe 8am to 5pm HOT Fire Control 3 Norman Alexander Hands- SFT Day 3 of 3 David Baldwin on cert Hotel 8am to 5pm Leadership Why firefighters Jason Hosea Leader- CSFA stay Day 2 of 2 ship cert

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